Are you taking advantage of the power of your brain?

The brain is an amazing organ. Scientists are yet to discover all the capabilities of this complex creation. At birth, the baby is born with roughly 100 billion neurons or brain cells waiting to be connected. The more the engagement with the child through the sensory receptors i.e the five senses, the more the connections between neurons. The more the connections, the more processing of information takes place and the more leanings happen and is stored in the memory for later use.

The growth of the brain is rapid at first with brain activities and processing speed reaching their peak at adolescence. It maintains stability in the twenties and  begins to decline steadily in the late middle age and onwards. (Walker H. 2014)

One way to increase brain activity as an adult, such as speed of information processing, is by keeping the brain active. This involves tasking the brain through learning. You’ve got to grab every opportunity to learn for your brains sake!

For a teacher, you can’t afford not to learn. Teaching and learning are not mutually exclusive. They are birds of a feather. Unfortunately research has shown that many teachers are not effective learners!

Are you a teacher and are reluctant when it comes to updating on teaching and learning?  Are you counting the number of years of unevaluated experience and using that as your bench mark…? Newsflash: Learning never stops!

Take advantage of power at your disposal. The day one stops learning, that day the brain begins to go steady on a dangerous path of redundancy.

Inundate yourself of new developments in your area of expertise. Use what you have- your amazing brain- to get what you want- unparallel outcomes. Do not become stale. Get new knowledge, new competencies, get new thinking so you may produce new and better results in your life and career.

What are your thoughts. How have you been experiencing the power of the brain? How have you supported your children to develop their brain capacity?

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