Quality Education a Responsibility of All.

Who takes responsibility for quality education in Nigeria?

Government, parents, practitioners (teachers), students and the community are all stakeholders of education. Each playing an important role and occupying a focal position in the all round development of a child.

But what do we experience in our part of the world, passing the buck of blame for the problems being encountered in the sector, preferring to lay it at the other parties door especially the government.

Is the Government Being Absolved of Providing Quality education?

On the contrary! The government is in no way absolved of their primary responsibility of establishing the highest quality education for her people. Indicators of which will include crafting sound educational policies, structure a well thought out monitoring system,  invest appropriately in education at all levels, provide facilities, infrastructure, resources and of course maintain an enabling environment for the aforementioned to thrive.

I am however insisting that we all have a responsibility towards the success or failure of the system.

All hands must be on deck.

When parents yank their children off to secondary school from primary 5 and sometimes primary 4 without completing the remaining one or two classes. When they fail to allow them finish up their secondary education and off they are taken to the university. They fail to consider the child’s competencies in other domains of development such as the physical, emotional, psychological and social, are they not as guilty as the government we all criticise?

When the management of primary schools who are supposed to be custodians of the curricular in the most brazen way introduce a system whereby a textbook meant for a higher class is used for a lower one. For example, using primary two text book for primary one; three for two; four for three, six for five in the name of trying to outperform competitors?

But really, how have these helped us as a people and a nation so far? With all our haste our politicians still throw chairs at each other instead of dialogue, parents are endlessly looking for special centers for their 14  year old teens who must pass at all cost; so-called enlightened people fight in airports, bus stops, even inside the bus; drug abuse by young people is rife and on the increase, crime has not abated rather it’s getting worse..

How to Improve Education’s quality in Nigeria

My submission is this, even though we may not be able to directly influence the national policy on education, there is something we all can do and must do within our sphere of influence to positively affect the quality of the educational sector. Let’s just do the proper thing. Let evil be eschewed from the system.

All hands must be on deck to see that education in Nigeria works because it’s our innocent children that are the end users and the bearers of all our errors.

It’s about time we entrench best practices in our schools, home and ministries.

Let me know your thoughts, what do you think about quality education in Nigeria?

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