The Task of Developing a Creative Learning Environment

The creative learning environment is no doubt very important in the teaching and learning process. It is not only about place, pace and space but about the social emotional dimension; the atmosphere of the class, the moods, attitudes and dispositions of learners and teachers.

One of the characteristics of a creative learning environment is one where failure is seen as an essential ingredient in the process of learning. Yes! Failure is NOT regarded as a negative construct but as an important feedback. In the same vein, assessment is not viewed as a punitive measure but a vital report that will guide a teacher in whether to change teaching strategy or whether a child has a learning difficulty.

In a creatively upward class, children are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. They are not jeered at, punished or embarrassed. Rather, the teacher goes over the demonstration or session again and again until it is understood.

Care must also be taking to reduce the highhandedness in the way we celebrate high ability children so it doesn’t demotivate the seemingly low achieving ones. Competitiveness should be downplayed and reduced to the barest minimum.

When the above is the case, the learners feel less under pressure and will be willing to always give it a go, trying out a lot of things. It’s in the midst of engaging with different materials and resources, people and places that their creative skill is unleashed.

Children are born wanting to learn. Their curiosity propels them to want to discover the world around them, wanting to know how things work. An effective teacher will strengthen this ability rather than squash it.

Dear teacher/parent, how do you nurture creativity in your learning environment?

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